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Modern or Antique firearms or alfalfa hay accepted as trade in.



16.1, Percheron/APHA Black Overo Cross

Gentle giant. SUPER gentle. Been to the Colorado mountains packing, trail riding, etc. As recently as September 16, 2016. Goes anywhere you point him. Goes calmly, quietly and safely. Super nice horse. 100% sound and sane. Extremely pretty mover. We trade for Firearms or top of the line spurs.


"Bill" and "Bo"

2012 and 2013, 15.1, Friesian, Percheron, AQHA geldings

Bill & Bo are by a Black Friesian/Percheron Sire, out of a great Blue Roan AQHA mare. They are 3 and 4 year olds. Both 15.1 Full brothers. Wears a 21" collar. Broke to drive. Been to the Colorado mountains. Very fancy pair. Used by the Amish to mow hay, haul in big bales, etc. Both have lots of pull. Lots of hours for their age. Started under saddle and riding great. These two should stay together. $20,000. buys the pair. Vet check welcome. Coggins and Clean health report furnished. We trade for Firearms or top of the line spurs.


Skips Spicy Prince "Cinch"

2009, 15.3. Red Roan gelding

Sire: JM Blue Bird (Shi Bar Skip x Shi Bar Skip)

Dam: Docs Sonny Princess (Clarks Doc Bar x Flying Blue Money)

Cinch is used to Pick up Bronc riders. Kids can ride him. Used to rope/doctor in the pasture. Used to Tag calves. Great trail horse. Used in every aspect of Ranch work on a ranch with 800 mama cows. Super smooth gates. Great handle. Super nice horse, nearly anyone can safely ride Cinch. Doesn't get shook. Doesn't get boogered. Cinch is a horse you like to ride. We trade for Firearms or top of the line spurs.



2010, 14.3, ApHC gelding

Safe, safe, safe. Hootie is as laid back and as close to bombproof as they come. Rides quiet on a loose rien, yet athletic. Used as a turn back horse at cutting events. One hand broke. Super quiet. Hootie will lay down and get back up for you, with you in the saddle or on the ground. Top notch gelding. We trade for Firearms, Spurs, and Indian artifacts.

Sold to Kansas - Thanks Todd and Renae

JM Sandy Rose "Rosie"

2012, 15.2, AQHA Bay Roan mare

Sire: Old Man Prunes (Shi Bar Skip by Super Roan Bar)

Dam: C W Shi Rosie Doll (Sheiks Sand x Shi Bar Skip)

Big, tall,leggy mare. Great color. Great old school bloodlines. Just a four year old. Halter broke. Stands tied quietly. Loads great. Pretty, pretty head. Top broodmare prospect, still young enough to ride if you want to. 100% sound. We trade for Firearms, Indian artifacts and top of the line spurs.



2011, 14.2, Grulla gelding

Nice colored gelding. Rides good. Trail rides. Neck reins. Ridden by a fella 75 years old. We trade for firearms, spurs and Indian artifacts.


Krogs Zippo Fire "Zip"

1998, 15.2, AQHA Sorrel gelding

Zip has been hauled to numerous Jackpots. Mainly Heading, but has Heeled some too. Very cowy and rates good. Good handle. Light in the mouth. Light on his side. Used for years calving 200 head of cows. Gathered in the pasture. Trailed cattle. Sorted cattle in the pens. One owner since purchased as a yearling from the Krogman Ranch. 100% sound. We trade for firearms, spurs and Indian artifacts.


LLE Maui "Big Jake"

2008, 15.3, AQHA Blue Roan gelding

Sire: Azuls Ripped Off (Azul Caballo Amigo x Blue Jay Babe)

Dam: Blue Lily Maui (Red Mau Rebel x Douglas Don)

Nearly anyone can ride Big Jake. Finished Head horse. Scores good. Gets you to one. Big stout horse. Heeled a few, but better on the Head. Used for all aspects of ranch work. Goes anywhere you ask on the trail. Loads good. Ties good. Stands quiet, minds his own business. Good solid gelding. If you like him, give me a call. This horse will sell quickly. He's the one you've been looking for. We trade for Firearms and quality spurs. Delivery available.

Sold to Mississippi - Thanks again Scott


2009, 16.2, 1450#, Percheron/AQHA Gray gelding

Bruce is a big friendly puppy dog. Shown at Fun shows in barrel racing, pole bending, pleasure and jumping. Loves to jump. Crowds don't bother him. Amish started him on the groundwork for driving single. Been packed on. All dark, solid feet. Catch him anywhere and ride him bareback back to the house with halter and lead. Rides great on the trails.Bright future with several directions to take him. Vet checked 100% sound. We trade for firearms, spurs and Indian artifacts.

Sold to Mississippi - Thanks again Scott


2008, 16h, Palomino gelding

Cheeseburger has been trail ridden all over the country. Used to check cattle, ride fence, etc. on a smaller cattle ranch. Has had a rope swung off him, and roped 3 live cattle to doctor them. Great colored, heavy duty gelding. We trade for Firearms or top quality/antique spurs. Delivery available.


Poppin Peptos

2011, 15.2, AQHA Red Roan gelding

Sire: Peptos Blunder (Peptoboonsmal x Poco Blunder)

Dam: Poppin Lady Rio (Peponita x Docs Hickory)

Used at the Sale barn sorting, penning, etc. Roped cattle in the pasture. Handy broke. This gelding wants to work. Really nice, very well bred, ranchy type horse. We trade for Firearms, Spurs, and Indian artifacts.


Lena Freckles Rawhide "Frankie"

2013, 15.1, APHA Bay Tobiano gelding

Sire: Tejons Rawhide (Tejons Peppy Doc by Peppy San Badger)

Dam: Fancy Doc Freckles (Commander Freckles by Docs Poupon)

Very unusually colored gelding. GREAT disposition. Rides quiet, loose rein. Goes where you ask, when you ask. He's roped a few calves in the pasture, doctoring pink eye, tagging, etc. One owner since he was a baby. Checked/gathered lots of cattle. Very well mannered, well broke, personable gelding. Has his whole life ahead. Been to numerous Rodeos/Ranch rodeos. Just for behind the scenes exposure to lights, crowds, etc. Not competed any. Six year old boy rides him in the arena. Good handle. We trade for Firearms, spurs and Indian artifacts.


CK Peppermint Lily

2006, 15h, AQHA Buttermilk Buckskin mare

Sire: Augusts Legacy (Ruanos C Wood by Ruano Rojo)

Dam: Sugar Poco Badger (Poco Nifty Pep x Panama Badger 22)

Lily has been to the week long Trail Ride/Campout/Party in Emminence, MO *9* times. She's been to Colorado, Arkansas and South Dakota trail riding/camping. Ridden by kids. Ridden by women. Ridden by novice friends and neighbors. Fly spray, water hose, tying, loading, other horses, all okay. We trade for Firearms, Spurs, and Indian artifacts.


VR Buxon Beautyqueen

2010, 15.1, AQHA Buckskin mare

Sire: Zan Otoe Special(Zans Rawhide x Sun Otoe)

Dam: Flit N Queen (Colonel Freckles x Doc Clabber)

Big, stout, great colored mare. Ridden six times three years ago. Broke to tie, lead, load. Quiet, easy to handle. Very well bred mare. If not sold soon, she'll be added to my mare band. We trade for Firearms, Spurs, and Indian artifacts.


FK Valentine Maid "Tank"

2007, 15h, AQHA Bay gelding

Sire: Skip Jane Nail (Shi Blue Valentine x Watch Joe Bea Star)

Dam: Precious Maiden (Watch Joe Jack x Sometime Sonny)

Finished Ranch horse. Rope wild cows in the pasture. Rope and drag calves to the fire. Team Roped on both ends. Kids have ridden him. He's been to Colorado Elk hunting and packed them out. One owner since he was two. Nice ground covering walk. Great handle. Real nice horse. We trade for Firearms, spurs and Indian artifacts.


Hollywood Pine Cloud "Hollywood"

2014, 14h, AQHA Buckskin gelding

Sire: Vintage Prescription (Hollywood Dun It x Docs Prescription)

Dam: TFR Gold cloud (Money Ina Bank x Captain Pines Jess)

Hollywood is a neat, athletic colt. 30 rides on him. He's been to the Honey Creek ride. Great prospect. Great bloodlines. We trade for Firearms, spurs and Indian artifacts.

Sold to Colorado - Thanks Mark

Too Tall

2005, 14h, AQHA Sorrel Roan gelding

A 74 year old man used Too Tall to Trail ride, check cows, check fence. Handy broke. Great handle. Goes anywhere you point him with zero hesitation. Make a great Team Penner. We trade for Firearms, spurs and Indian artifacts.


Brass N Bronze "Flash"

2013, 14.2, AQHA Buckskin gelding

Sire: JC Flashbac (Sailing Smart by Smart Chic Olena)

Dam: Party Durn Famcy (Docs Hickory x Doc Tari)

Exceptional prospect. Started as a two year old. Ridden on numerous trail rides. Stands, loads, unloads. Good handle. Quiet disposition. Athletic. Enrolled in the AQHA Incentive Fund. Also, enrolled in the National Reining Breeders Classic. He can show as a 4, 5 and 6 year old. We trade for Firearms, spurs and Indian artifacts.



2007, 15.2, Black gelding

Cash is an All-Around horse. Team roped off of. Carried flags in the parade. Roped cattle in the pasture. Kids and beginners have ridden him. Carried flags at the rodeo grand entry. Been elk hunting in the mountains and packed them out. Trail rides and goes any where. We trade for Firearms, spurs and Indian artifacts.


2016 APHA filly

Sire: Eyed Watch Starbuck ( Two Eyed Red Buck x Watch Joe Jack)

Dam: PQH Coco Lena (Playboy Flit x Hickory Dee Doc)

Great colored, well bred filly. 25% down. Balance due by October 1st. Not sure yet if she's Buckskin or Dun. We trade for firearms and Indian artifacts.


2016 AQHA Bay colt

Sire: Zans Otoe Special (Zans Rawhide x Sun Otoe)

Dam: Flickas Prescription (Two Eyed Red Buck x Docs Bay Robin)

Great colored, well bred colt. Photo at 28 days. 25% down. Balance due by October 1st. Trade for Firearms or Indian artifacts.

Sold to South Carolina - Thanks Donna

2016 AQHA Palomino filly

Strip - Two Hind Socks

Sire: Eyed Watch Starbuck (Two eyed Red Buck x Watch Joe Jack)

Dam: Zan Otoe Bubbles (Zans Rawhide x Doc Clabber)

Great colored, well bred filly. 25% down. Balance due by October 1st. Trade for Firearms or Indian artifacts.


MS Cash N Zevi "Blacky"

2008, 15.2, AQHA Black mare

Sire: Such Easy Cash (Dash For Cash x Special Effort)

Dam: Friendly Adversary (Zevi x Timeto Thinkrich)

Gentle, well broke, well bred mare. Soft in her face. Ran on the track one time. She won her maiden race and an $1100 purse. Well started on barrels. Ridden by a young lady as well as her 8 year old daughter. Very nice prospect with a great start.

$8000 - Trade for firearms

Custom made D Bar S Ranch/Working/Roping Saddles

We can get these in 15", 15 1/2", and 16".

These are solid, good sitting saddles.


Quality, Handmade Branding Irons

They come with wooden wall plaque and horse shoe hanger.

$175 + shipping

Custom Made, Heavy Duty Picnic Tables

Made entirely of Missouri Cedar. "No Nails." Even the wooden dowel pins are made of Missouri Cedar. This table is 11' x 3'. Sides are lower for the kids. We customize each order to the customers specifications. We can use wood from our farm, or yours. 110% quality products.


Custom Made End Tables/Coffee Tables

Customized to your specifications. Cracks/divets are filled with your color choice of glass beads, then coated with liquid glass.



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