Modern or Antique firearms or alfalfa hay accepted as trade in.


Lins Surprise Package

2010, 15.3, ApHC mare

Sire: Investment Package (The Package x The Visionary)

Dam: Lins Classic Image (Pure Conclusion x Dandy San)

Lin has 38 ApHC Halter Points. 3 ApHC Grand Championships. She stood 3rd out of 16 at the 2010 ApHC World Show in Open Weanling mares. She stood 3rd out of 18 at the 2011 ApHC World Show in Open Yearling mares. Quiet, easy to handle, easy to catch. Broke to ride. Her 3-time World Chamipion Sire stands at www.HollyGlenFarm.com in Maryland.

$3000 - Trade for firearms

Peppys Doc Magnolia "Maggy"

2011, 15.1, AQHA Bay mare

Sire: Cat Del Cielo (Gallo Del Cielo x The Roan Cat)

Dam: Sonny Dees Magnolia (Magnolia Hot Shot x Leos Magnolia Bar)

Maggy is a very correct, well balanced mare. She spent a year with a Reining trainer. Athletic. Knows where her feet are. Neck reins. Works off your feet. Quiet on the ground. Maggy is the right kind and has a bright future.

$4500 - Trade for firearms


2000, 15.1, Gray gelding

Diesel is used in a huge feedlot. Sorting. Moving pairs. Open gates. Roped cattle in the pasture. Diesel has been owned by my cousin since he was a weanling. Very quiet. Great trail horse. Goes anywhere without hesitation.

$7000 - Trade for firearms

HH Canary Diamond "Diamond"

2010, 14.2, APHA Palomino mare

Sire: Like A Diamond (Grays Starlight by Peppy San Badger)

Dam: Dandy Rena (Cutter Bill x Docs Hickory)

Own daughter- Like a Diamond. www.OswoodStallionStation.com Rides great. Dog gentle. Neck reins. Spins. Backs. Has tracked a few cattle. Has loped the Barrel pattern. Loads perfectly. Super quiet disposition. Anyone that can sit a horse can ride Diamond. The entire family can get along with this mare.

Sold to Arkansas - Thanks Ashley

Ima Tuff Luck Okie

2011, 15h, AQHA Red Roan Stallion

Sire: Merrigans Lucky Star (Suney Oakie Star x Lucky Roan Starway)

Dam: CC Star Ana (Star Image x Guthrie Double Star)

Okie is 100% old school foundation breeding. He goes back to Oklahoma Star 5x on his Sires side and 8x on his Dams side. Good bone. Good color. Has had 60 days riding by a good hand. Quiet, gentle, no trouble to have around type horse. He has a bright future.

$7500 - Trade for firearms


2007, 15.2, Gray gelding

For the last several years Woodrow has been the trail horse for an older lady. Her physical limitations are why he is for sale. Goes anywhere. Very smooth, pretty lope.


Bailey Suneys Star "Suney"

2005, 15.3, AQHA Bay gelding

Sire: Suneys Oakie Star (Double Star x Good Bros 92)

Dam: Roman Boys Bailey (How D Senor Roman x Tee Jay Roman)

Finished Head horse. Competed last two winters, every weekend at Jackpot Ropings. Competed at one US Roping. #3 Header. Rope and doctor in the pasture. Hobble broke. Quiet, no nonsense. Once a day, once a month, he's the same horse. Kids ride him in the round pen. 100% sound One owner!


He Is Real Wright "Drifter"

2009, 15.1, AQHA Buckskin gelding

Sire: The Wright Magic (Lenas Wright On x Fritz Command)

Dam: Docs Tamar (Docs Grand Image by Docs Drifter)

Drifter has been used to rope and drag calves to the branding fire. Used at the sale barn, sorting, driving, penning cattle. Goes anywhere on the trail. Quick, athletic type gelding.


TF Frenchmans Buck "Frenchy"

2009, 15h, AQHA Buckskin gelding

Sire: MS Frenchmans Savage (Frenchmans Guy by Sun Frost)

Dam: Drifts Fast Doll (Buzz Bar x Orphan Drift)

Frenchy is gentle and easy to catch. He has had 120 days riding by a top hand. No buck. Quick, agile, athletic gelding. Barrel racers take a look here.


Doc Oleana Shamrock "Ace"

2011, 15.1, AQHA Palomino gelding

Sire: Royal Smokes Comet (MRF Royal Smoke by MF Ace Of Smoke)

Dam: Smart Lil Remy (Smart Little Ramrod by Smart Little Lena)

Ace is a trail horse deluxe. He's been to Mt. Rushmore trail riding. Used to check fence. Used to sort calves. Little kids have ridden Ace. One hand rein. Nice, nice horse. Great color. Prime of his life.


Jo Jo

2003, 15.3, Buckskin gelding

Jo Jo is used to calve cows. Used to tag calves. Trail ridden, goes anywhere. Good handle. Has been used to pony horses on the track.



2010, 15.2, Buckskin gelding

Dually is super quiet. Ridden by a 74 year old man on trails, down the road and into town. Dually is not a Ranch horse, not a Race horse, not a Rope horse. He is more than content to just amble down the trail.


Two Bits Of Honey "Thistle"

2004, 16h, APHA Buckskin gelding

Sire: Stantas Ghost (Super Brave x Bid Bar)

Dam: SP Katie Hawk (Megafleet x MF Jigsaw)

110% finished Ranch horse. Go anywere on the trails. Rope and doctor anything in the pasture. Carry calves on his back. Crack a whip off his back. Side passes. Open gates. Headed a few out of the box. Loads great. Stands tied quiet all day. 100% sound. 100% sane. 100% "Go to" reliable.

$12,500 - Trade for firearms

Kings Dawn "Roger"

2010, 15.3, AQHA Buckskin gelding

Sire: Kings Hollywood Bill (Hollywood Bill x Bills Hoss Power)

Dam: Stars Winged Glory (Big China King x Domino Band)

Roger has roped about 100 steers on the Head side. Roped calves in the pasture. Trail rides. Ground work was done using the Clinton Anderson Method. Has some speed.


Zans Rawhide Pine "Pending"

2014, Bay Roan colt

Sire: Zan Otoe Special (Zans Rawhide x Sun Otoe)

Dam: Docs Rosie Pine SOS (Docs Jack Frost x Paprika Pine)

Big Stout, great colored colt. Great pedigree. Top Stallion and Performance prospect.

Sold to Country Artist and star of the TV shows "Maximum Archery" and "American Rebel", Andy Ross. Headed to Nashville. Thanks Andy and Dede

Tangys Stinky Doc "Frosty"

2006, 15.2, APHA, Bay Roan gelding

Sire: Tangys King Playboy (Freckles Playboy x Doc Olena)

Dam: Spot A Doc (Doc's Little Bit by Doc Bar)

Frosty is a real broke trail horse. Goes anywhere on a loose rein. He is ridden consistently by a local 13 year old Novice. In Heading training and taking big strides.


Miss Chex N Tucker

2010, 14.3, AQHA Palomino mare

Sire: ER Hot Chex (Nu Chex To Cash by Nu Cash)

Dam: Docs Roamin Chex (Skips Count x Doc Tom Tucker)

Miss Chex has had 90 days cowhorse training with top trainer, Luke Jones. Quiet, rides out good on trails. Shown locally in reining. Spins. Ridden by 8 year old girl. Has roped some. Has roped and dragged calves to the fire. Nice, nice mare. Video available.

$9000 - Trade for firearms

SB Roosters Buck "Rooster"

2007, 15.1, AQHA Buckskin gelding

Sire: Gees Gallo (Gallo Del Cielo by Peppy San Badger)

Dam: Eyed Smoke It Slow (Aledo Bar Glo x Skippa Gain)

Rooster is used to check and gather cattle. Also used as a trusty, go anywhere trail horse. He has roped a handful of cattle in the pasture. Nice handle. Rides quiet. Very well bred, great colored gelding.


2014 APHA Bay Tobiano colt

Sire: Playboy Flit (Stallions page)

Dam: Cactus Cutie (Mares page)

Tall, leggy colt. Great Bay Tobiano color. He will grow up and make a nice rider.

$1500 - Trade for firearms

2014 AQHA. APHA, PHBA Palomino colt

Sire: Playboy Flit (Stallions page)

Dam: Zan Otoe Bubbles (Mares page)

Very well bred, great colored colt. Eligible for AQHA, APHA and PHBA registration. Stout, athletic colt with a bright future.

$3500 - Trade for firearms

2015 AQHA and APHA Filly

Sire: The Great Mr Far Verse

Dam: Wilsons Dolly Bee (Jackie Bee x Maybe Cassey)

Thirty day old AQHA and APHA filly. Own daughter of The Great Mr Far Verse. Dam is N/N Maybe Cassey x Sir Win. $2000 on the filly. $1200 on the mare. $3000 on the pair.

$2000 - Trade for firearms

OHF Sammy Command "Russ"

2006, 15.2, AQHA Bay gelding

Sire: Left Hand Sammy (Zan Parr Express x Handy Man 7)

Dam: Mattie Lee Command (Fritz Command x Chub Cody)

Russ is used as a lesson horse. Very, very broke. Used to Pony colts. Great, go anywhere trail horse.


Time To Shine Baby

2014, AQHA Red Roan filly

Sire: About Shining Time (Shining Spark x Mr Baron Red)

Dam: Ima Classy Bartender (Barny Bartender by Two ID Bartender)

Extremely well bred, great colored filly. Quick and athletic. Top performance and/or broodmare prospect.

$2000 - Trade for firearms

Cool Hotrod "Cool"

2004, 14h, Black AQHA gelding

Sire: WW Poco Hotrod (Mr Poco Blackburn x Dell Co Poco)

Dam: Fayes Cool Strutter (Peppy San Badger x Docs Remedy)

Cool is a nice, well broke, hard size to find gelding. Used for trails, sorting and driving livestock. Ridden mostly by a lady. Crack a whip off him. Use a sorting flag on a stick off him. Nice little horse. Quick, responsive gelding. Not for beginners.


2013, APHA Buckskin Tobiano filly

Sire: Playboy Flit (Freckles Playboy x Doc Olena)

Dam: Strait Pollyanna (Strait From Texas by Ris Key Business)

Laid back personable filly. Great color. Great conformation. Great bloodlines. Her Dam is an own daughter of the #2 ALL-Time Leading Performance Point Earner in APHA history, Strait From Texas.

$3500 - Trade for firearms

Merrigans Star Roan "Roany"

2004, 15h, AQHA Bay Roan gelding

Sire: Suneys Oakie Star (Double Star x Good Bros 92)

Dam: Impy Blue Leo (Panamas Blue Boy x Casey Bar Leo)

Roany is a 100% finished Ranch horse. Rope and doctor in the pasture. Roped the Hot Heels tons in the arena. Hobble broke. Catch him anywhere after six months off, saddle up and lope right off. No nonsense.


Quality, Handmade Branding Irons

They come with wooden wall plaque and horse shoe hanger.

$175 + shipping

Custom Made, Heavy Duty Picnic Tables

Made entirely of Missouri Cedar. "No Nails." Even the wooden dowel pins are made of Missouri Cedar. This table is 11' x 3'. Sides are lower for the kids. We customize each order to the customers specifications. We can use wood from our farm, or yours. 110% quality products.


Custom Made End Tables/Coffee Tables

Customized to your specifications. Cracks/divets are filled with your color choice of glass beads, then coated with liquid glass.


Custom made CHAVEZ Ranch/Working/Roping Saddles

We can get these in 15", 15 1/2", and 16".

These are solid, good sitting saddles.



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