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Modern or Antique firearms or alfalfa hay accepted as trade in.


Cool Zippin Lee "Clovis"

2009, 15.3, AQHA Bay gelding

Sire: Cool N Any Company (Sir Cool Skip by Ima Cool Skip)

Dam: Vibrant Thing (Mega Sport x Heart Bar Cody)

Clovis has ponied colts. He's been used to rope/doctor in the pasture. Not been out of the box yet. He's been trail ridden extensively. One hand broke. Nice quiet All - Around gelding. Big and stout enough to carry most anyone. We trade for firearms, spurs, indian artifacts. Delivery available.


Box S Genuine Champ "Boxer"

2014, 14.2, AQHA Palomino gelding

Sire: Genuine Jack Flash (Genuine Doc Olena x Watch Joe Jack)

Dam: Hollys Little Fancy (Lemacs Doc Holly x Limestone Lucky)

Boxer is a quick, athletic, handy on his feet gelding, yet personable and easy to catch.Loads great. Stands tied. Not buddy sour. He's been saddled numerous times and worked in the round pen. Tacks up good. Walks right off and doesn't try to buck the saddle off. All the ground works is done. Boxer is ready for a top hand to transform him into a top performance horse. We trade for firearms and collectable spurs/bits.

Sold to Hawaii - Thanks to Hawaiian Saddle Maker Alvin Kawamoto www.HawaiianSaddle.com

R M Katiesbluetopsail "Josey"

2013, 14.1, AQHA Blue Roan mare

Sire: Wanna Bee Trouble (Willywanna x Plenty Blueberry)

Dam: Rainbos Koko Karmel (Topsails Skeet x Cactus Bar Leo)

Used on Sale day to drive, sort and pen cattle by a fella 74 years old. Trail ridden. Nice quiet, great colored mare most anyone can ride. Delivery available. We trade for firearms, spurs, Indian artifacts.


Will Flash For Can Dee "Will"

2008, 15.2, AQHA Palomino gelding

Sire: MWS Lacremedalacreme (Flashy Zipper x Rodeo Jack)

Dam: Can Dee Pine Bar (Dandys Dee Bar by Dandy Seeker)

Will is an exceptional gelding. Anyone can safely ride him. Ridden all summer on some desolate trails, by a 12 year old beginner rider. Will is as harmless and forgiving as they come. Has been roped off of and has competed in a few Ranch Rodeos. As honest and trustworthy as they come.

Sold locally to a very nice young lady - Thanks Natalie

Watch Mr Gold Bucks "Howdy"

2013, 15.2 AQHA Bay gelding

Sire: Mr Gold Bucks (Two Eyed Red Buck by Mr Baron Red)

Dam: Skip N Diane (Watch Joe Jack x Tee J Bufferin Jack)

Howdy is an own son of Mr Gold Bucks - AQHA Reserve World Champion Sr. Heading, 462 AQHA Performance Points, Superior Heading, Suuperior Heeling. Currently standing at the Pitzer Ranch. Howdy is eligible for the 2018 Pitzer Ranch Invitational. Howdy is handy on his feet. Been trail ridden to this point. He's ready to go to work. We trade for firearms and collectable spurs/bits.


Caucha Cowin

2005, 14.3, AQHA Black Stallion

Sire: Poco Rawhide Champ (Poco Bueno 2 x Poco King Stripe)

Dam: Caucha Cuttin (Doc's Prescription x Black Jug)

Old school bloodlines. Pretty little head. Big eye. Sires mostly Black, Buckskin and Palomino foals. Been pasture bred. Nice stallion with great color and pedigree. We trade for firearms and unique spurs.



2012, 15,3, Rose Gray gelding

Smoke has been Headed on all summer. Used in numerous Ranch Rodeos. Used as a Ranch horse, checking, gathering, moving cattle. Used as a trusty trail horse. Very level headed, easy going gelding. Very cowy. Nice, honest young gelding. We trade for firearms and collectable spurs/bits.


RBA Black Betty

2016, 14.1 AQHA Smokey Black Filly

Sire: Caucha Cowin (Poco Rawhide Champ x Docs Poco Man)

Dam: Two Eyed Miss McCue (Jack Adair Fly x Leo Bars McCue)

Nice big filly. She'll grow into a performance horse and/or a color producing broodmare. Unique Smokey Black color. Born October 2016. We trade for firearms and collectable spurs/bits.


RBA Hardly Dun

2016, 14h, AQHA Black Point Dun Filly

Sire: Cutter Jac Slide (Hollywood Jac 86 x Cutter Freckles)

Dam: Pocos Doc Tyrita (Poco King Stripe x Docs Hand)

Very well bred filly. Performance prospect. Color/pedigree to make a great broodmare. Born October 2016. We trade for firearms and collectable spurs/bits.


2016, AQHA Buckskin filly

Sire: Caucha Cowin (Poco Bueno 2 x Docs Prescription)

Dam: Two Eyed Miss July (Jack Henry x Poco Power Two)

Great colored, well bred filly. Born in October of 2016. She's just 13 months old. We trade for firearms, collectable spurs/bits.


JK Freckled Boon Bar "Boon"

2005, 15.1, AQHA Red Roan gelding

Sire: JRS Buck (Colonel Freckles x Gay Bar King)

Dam: Bermuda Len (Boon Bar x Doc Bar)

Boon is a big thick made,well bred gelding. 100% sound. He was ridden as a three year old. Pasture ornament since. Stands tied good. He'll need a refresher. Great project. We trade for firearms, collectable spurs/bits.


Pep Lil Angel

2016, 14.2, AQHA Rose gray filly

Sire: Popgun Pep (Playgun x Doc Quixote)

Dam: Halo Angel Lena (Smart Little Lena x Docs Lynx)

Extremely well bred filly. Unusual Rose gray color. Playgun, Freckles Playboy, Doc Quixote, Smart Little Lena, Doc Olena, Docs Lynx are ALL on her face papers. We trade for firearms and collectable spurs/bits.

Sold to Illinois - Thanks Antje

Krogs Roan Boo "Krog"

1996, 15h, AQHA Red Roan mare

Sire: Krogs Leo Mount (Redmount Blue x Paprika Pine)

Dam: Krogs Boo (Paprika Pine by Barry Pine)

Extremely well bred Red Roan mare. One owner last several years. Very easy keeper. Been an easy going, trustworthy trail horse for years. Never been bred or attempted to breed her. Cycles regularly. Very easy keeper. Raised on the famous Krogman Ranch in South Dakota.Great chance to add some hard to fine old school lines to your herd. Delivery available. Trade for firearms, collectable spurs/bits.


Breezy San Poley "Pigeon"

2004, 15.3, AQHA Gray mare

Sire: Peppy Red Bee (Tee J Johnny Finger x Sporty San Prince)

Dam: Zips Miss Jenny (Levi Zipper x Pines Zippo Bars)

Extremely cowy Ranch horse. Used in all aspects of Ranch work. Branding, Loading pots, Rope and Doctor, Sort, Drive, etc. One owner since she was two. She's our "go to" horse when cattle get out or a last minute day job. Really broke. Real solid. 100% sound. We trade for firearms and collectable spurs/bits.


Bar Leos Bobolena "Casper"

2000, 15.3, AQHA Gray gelding

Sire: Fancys Bar Leo (Nodaway Doc Bar x Jack Eyed King)

Dam: Doc Ponde Gal (Docs Jaybird x Tri 49 Bart)

Casper is a big, heavy duty type gelding. One owner for years. Ridden on trails and around the farm, ocassional deer hunt. He has pretty much set the last four/five years. He'll need a refresher but a good honest gelding. 100% sound..


Mac Flit "Mac"

2014, 15.2, APHA Bay Tobiano gelding

Sire: Playboy Flit (Payback Playboy by Freckles Playboy)

Dam: TEK Cactus Cutie (Heiroriffik x Cactus Banner B)

Mac is a really quiet, personable gelding. Good head on his shoulders. Hours and hours of ground work. Saddled and worked in the round pen 30 or 40 times. Never bucked. Big, stout colt. Stands tied. Loads good. Raised by Porter Quarter Horses. We trade for firearms and collectable spurs/bits.


MR Quail Wonder "Jim Bob"

2012, 15.2, AQHA Bay gelding

Sire: MJ Fritz Wonder (Snickelfritz Chex x Jo Bert Jo)

Dam: Musty Red Quail (MR Tiny Quail x Musty Chubb)

Jim Bob has roped a few cattle in the pasture. Roped and dragged a few to the fire. Quiet easy going personality. Trail rides great. Good solid gelding. We trade for firearms and collectable spurs/bits.


Two Eyed Cactus Cutie

2015, 15.1, APHA Buckskin Tobiano mare

Sire: Eyed Watch Starbuck (Two Eyed Red Buck x Watch Joe Jack)

Dam: TEK Cactus Cutie (Macriffik x Cactus Banner B)

Cutie is a big, stout, great colored filly. Personable type disposition. Halter broke. Raised by Porter Quarter Horses. We trade for firearms and collectable spurs/bits.


DJS Two Eyed Joe "Diesel"

2012, 14.3, AQHA Palomino gelding

Sire: Watch Joe Again (Watch Joe Jack x Watch Joe Jack)

Dam: DJS Two Bee Jackie (Two Eyed Jack x Fiddle On Jack)

Diesel won the Ranch Horse Versatility Class at the Missouri State Fair in 2015 and again in 2016. Been shown in local fun shows. Takes both leads. Ridden on trails. Ridden in Parades. Really nice, solid double bred Two Eyed Jack gelding with color and a winning show record. We trade for firearms, collectable spurs, and bits.



2007, 16h, Buckskin gelding

Tucker is a big, gentle, easy going gelding. Loads great. Stands tied quietly. Been on hours and hours of Trail rides. Goes anywhere you point him.Hours and hours of road riding. Traffic safe. Dog safe. Beautiful Buckskin color. Not a Ranch horse. Not a Rope horse. Honest, solid, easy going trail horse. We trade for firearms, collectable bits/spurs.

Sold to a Wounded Warrior program in North Carolina - Thank you Karol and ALL who serve

Dual In The Boonelight "Little Man"

2007, 14.3, AQHA Sorrel gelding

Sire: Boonlight Dancer (Peptoboonsmal x Smart Little Lena)

Dam: Nyla Dual (Dual Pep by Peppy San Badger)

Super quick! Extremely athletic! Take a deep seat and pull your hat down. Very responsive. He's been Ranched on. Rope one out in the pasture. He's been sorted on. He's been trained in Cutting.Very cowy. NOT a beginner horse. NOT a weekend Trail horse. NOT for the timid rider. He's a pull your hat down, pucker up, and take a deep seat kindof horse. 100% sound. Great horse for a cowboy, or advanced rider wanting to cut, sort, team pen, etc. We trade for firearms, unique spurs. Delivery available.



2010, 15h, Bay Roan gelding

Ridden on trails and down the road. Rides bareback and halter or saddle and bridle. Ridden five miles down the road to the convienence store, three or four times a week. Cute, quiet gelding. We trade for firearms and unique spurs.


2017, APHA Sorrel colt

Sire: Zan Otoe Special (Zans Rawhide x Sun Otoe)

Dam: PQH Coco Lena (Playboy Flit x Doc Olena)

Well bred, athletic colt. Lots of chrome. Payments okay. 25% down. Payments as you choose. Balance due by Oct 1st. We trade for firearms and unique spurs.


AM Tivio Bob "Dude"

2010, 15.3 AQHA Buckskin gelding

Sire: Poco Tivio Klem (Jessie Tivio x Jessie Klem)

Dam: MCR Pretty Bonny (Quick Emotion x Mule Shoe Mac)

Dude has been used extensively at the Fort Scott Sale barn. Driving, Sorting, Penning cattle. He has roped a handful and did fine. Super smooth lope. Gentle, easy going attitude. Great trail horse.Delivery available. We trade for firearms/unique spurs.


Krogs Preakness "Little Bob"

2012, 15.2, AQHA Silver Roan gelding

Sire: Krogs Blue Honey (Kros Blue Buck by Krog Classy Cowboy)

Dam: Tailwinds Preakness (Zaxon by Zippo Cash Bar)

Little Bob is a great colored, well bred gelding. Super smooth lope. Just been trail ridden and around the place here. Could use a job. Has some go. Nice young gelding. Delivery available. We trade for firearms and unique spurs.


Two Eyed Rolex

2015, 14.3, APHA Bay Overo Stallion

Sire: Eyed Watch Starbuck (Two Eyed Red Buck x Watch Joe Jack)

Dam: Brandees Rolex (A Tru Rolex x Jacks Brand)

Two Eyed Rolex has great color. Great pedigree. 100% sound and healthy. Still on the place he was born on. Stallion and/or Performance prospect. Sire is own son of Two Eyed Red Buck x a Watch Joe Jack daughter. Dam is own daughter of the #1 Performance point earning horse in APHA history - A Tru Rolex x a daughter of Jacks Brand. Delivery available. We trade for Firearms and Indian artifacts.

Sold to Colorado - Thanks Christine

"Bill" and "Bo"

2012 and 2013, 15.1, Friesian, Percheron, AQHA geldings

Bill & Bo are by a Black Friesian/Percheron Sire, out of a great Blue Roan AQHA mare. They are 3 and 4 year olds. Both 15.1 Full brothers. Wears a 21" collar. Broke to drive. Been to the Colorado mountains. Very fancy pair. Used by the Amish to mow hay, haul in big bales, etc. Both have lots of pull. Lots of hours for their age. Started under saddle and riding great. These two should stay together. $17,000. buys the pair. Vet check welcome. Coggins and Clean health report furnished. We trade for Firearms or top of the line spurs.

Sold to Texas -Thank You

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