Modern or Antique firearms or alfalfa hay accepted as trade in.


Tangys Stinky Doc "Frosty"

2006, 15.2, APHA, Bay Roan gelding

Sire: Tangys King Playboy (Freckles Playboy x Doc Olena)

Dam: Spot A Doc (Doc's Little Bit by Doc Bar)

Beautiful Bay Roan gelding. Rides quiet on a loose rein. Trail ridden. Neck reins but needs a little work. Backs good. Ties good. Loads good. Easy to catch. Harmless, no buck but has some things to learn. Just a little tweaking from being a high dollar horse. Price will increase as he learns. Eligible for APHA Gelding Plus Program.

$4000 - Trade for firearms

Zan Otoe Freckles "JR"

2004, 14.3, AQHA Palomino gelding

Sire: Zan Otoe Special (Zans Rawhide by Zan Parr Bar)

Dam: Flits Doc Freckles (Colonel Freckles x Doc Sealey)

Jr spent a couple of years roping with a top trainer. Then spent some time as a trail horse. Last couple of years was loaned to a young lady to ride in the homecoming parade. September 28th went back to top rope horse trainer, Vic Roe. Already back to roping live cattle.

$5000 - Trade for firearms

Two Socks

2005, 14.2, Black gelding

Two Socks is very easy going. Rides quiet on a loose rein. Go anywhere you point him on the trails. Ridden by novice friends and employees. Roped the Hot Heels quite a bit. Roped a dozen live cattle. Good handle. Flexes good. Nice solid gelding. Hancock breeding but papers were lost.

$4000 - Trade for firearms

2013, APHA Buckskin Tobiano filly

Sire: Playboy Flit (Freckles Playboy x Doc Olena)

Dam: Strait Pollyanna (Strait From Texas by Ris Key Business)

Laid back personable filly. Great color. Great conformation. Great bloodlines. Her Dam is an own daughter of the #2 ALL-Time Leading Performance Point Earner in APHA history, Strait From Texas.

$2500 - Trade for firearms

Mollys Topsail Tip "Molly"

2012, 15h, AQHA Buckskin filly

Sire: Tip For Topsail (Hesa Topsail Chex by Bueno Chex Jr)

Dam: Mollys Wild Child (Bueno Pepichex by Peppy Bar San)

Molly is a very well bred, extremely correct flly. Soft and light on her feet. Nice quiet disposition. Great Buckskin color. Top prospect.

$4000 - Trade for firearms

Just Nicker "Smart"

2009, 14.2, AQHA Bay gelding

Sire: Just Smart (Smart Little Lena x Freckles Playboy)

Dam: A Golden Gem (Doc Bar x Doc's Quixote)

Smart spent his first years at a Kansas feedlot under some good hands. He has a great stop, nice spin. Backs great. Smart knows where his feet are at all times. Did a little cowhorse work just for fun and did great. Super reining and/or cowhorse prospect. Goes anywhere on the trail. He has roped some calves in the pasture and did great. Lopes nice tight circles in the arena. Loads great. Smart has a bright future.

$6000 - Trade for firearms

Upcoming Begger "Baye"

2001, 15h, AQHA Bay gelding

Sire: Upcoming Feature (Watch Joe Jack x The Elite Feature)

Dam: Miss Peach Wood (Beggar Toots x Skips Star Duster)

Baye is dead broke. Anyone can ride him. Great neck rein. Great stop. Very personable on the ground. Has a titch of arthritis in his front ankles. Walks and lopes fine. Slight head bob at a trot. Great first horse or confidence builder.

$2000 - Trade for firearms


2004, 16h, Buckskin gelding


Big, stout, finished Ranch horse. Rope and doctor cattle in the pasture. Digger roped a 1700# bull and dragged him in the trailer just last week. Great one hand rein. Handy broke. Go anywhere trail horse.


Merrigans Star Roan "Roany"

2004, 15h, AQHA Bay Roan gelding

Sire: Suneys Oakie Star (Double Star x Good Bros 92)

Dam: Impy Blue Leo (Panamas Blue Boy x Casey Bar Leo)

Roany is a 100% finished Ranch horse. Rope and doctor in the pasture. Roped the Hot Heels tons in the arena. Hobble broke. Catch him anywhere after six months off, saddle up and lope right off. No nonsense.


Docs Bueno Grande "Dillon"

2003, 15.2, AQHA Buttermilk Buckskin gelding

Sire: Poco Struck Oil (Poco Ojos Grande by Poco Bueno)

Dam: Docs Vegas Star (Dryin Time x Docs King Pine)

Dillon is a tried and true trail horse. Been to several overnight campouts/trailrides, including Emminence. Ridden by kids of most all ages on trails. Great colored, well bred, honest trail horse. Been roped off of. Dillon is real cowy and will get you to your steer. Hard to find this combination.



2006, 15h, 1300# Bay roan gelding

Tank is a finished Ranch horse. Worked the wide open spaces of South Dakota. Rope and doctor in the pasture. Big and stout. Safe and gentle.


Doobe Style "Oreo"

2006, 14.2, APHA Black Tobiano gelding

Sire: Doobes Candy Star (Mr. Candy Man x Doobes Four Socks)

Dam: Stylish Diamond (Eagle Horse by Isle Breeze)

Oreo is an around the farm, family type horse. Ridden by the entire family. Roped a handful of cattle in the pasture. Great handle.


In Kahootz With Me "Danny"

2003, 15.3, AQHA Red Roan gelding

Sire: MB Danny boy (Doc Red Glo x Doc Red Glo)

Dam: Gamblers Mariah (Dandy Seeker x Stagehand)

Ranch/Head horse. Rope and doctor in the pasture. Been headed on. Really runs to one. Quiet in the box. Faces up good. Goes anywhere on the trail.


Hez MissN Freckels "Boon"

2008, 14.2 AQHA Bay gelding

Sire: Heza Freckles Boon (Freckles Playboy x Boon Bar)

Dam: Red Lady Lynx (Highbrows Mis N Lynx by Smart Lil Highbrow)

Boon is REAL broke. Great handle. Ten year girl used Boon in Team Penning, Team Sorting and most every event 4-H has to offer. Been to the week long campout/trailride in Emminence, MO. Hard to find this kind.


Ben Ida Poco "Leroy"

2009, 15.2, AQHA Grullo gelding

Sire: Poco Bueno Dot Com (MF Poco Many Stripes by Poco King Stripe)

Dam: Miss Brandy Punkin (Scooter S Leo x Golds Parker)

Rope cattle in the pasture. Rope and doctor. Been ridden around town, down the trail. Great trail horse. Handy, one hand neck rein. Soft in the mouth, tucks his nose as one should.


Ima Major Silk Tiger "Tiger"

2004, 15.1, AQHA Palomino gelding

Sire: Ima Silk Tiger (Sun Sabre x Silk Pro)

Dam: Vandy Bar Ann (Barry Dee x Vancy Dail)

Tiger is a finished Ranch horse. Rope and doctor in the pasture. Ground ties. Smooth trot, smooth lope. Big, big stop. Handy broke, great sized ranch horse. Also trail rides and goes anywhere you point him.


Blue Suede Cat "Blue"

2008, 15h, AQHA Blue Roan gelding

Sire: Wild Haired Cat (High Brow Cat by High Brow Hickory)

Dam: Shiny Boonsmal (Peptoboonsmal x Dual Pep)

Blue was started in cutting with Hall of Fame trainer Roy Carter. Used in NCHA Futurities as a turn back horse. Great for weekend cutter, ranch versatility, team sorting, ranch horse or trail horse. Soft in the face. Great handle. Takes leads, rollbacks, spins, big stop.


TEK Shiloh Moon Glow

2014 APHA Palomino Solid filly

Sire: TEK Speck of Shiloh-R.O.M. Western Pleaseure (Shiloh Cash Bar x Hesa Silver Speck)

Dam: TEK Moon Bar (Black Moon x Skipper Bar Shi)

Half sister to below mare. TEK Speck Of Shiloh has 18 APHA Western Pleasure points and his R.O.M. in Western Pleasure. His sire is an APHA Champion and his mother has 20 APHA Western Pleasure Points and her R.O.M. in Western Pleasure. This filly will grow up tall and will sure ride.

$950 - Trade for firearms

TEK Shiloh Hustle

2007, 15.2, APHA Palomino Overo mare

Sire: TEK Speck of Shiloh (Shiloh Cash Bar x Hesa Silver Speck)

Dam: TEK Hustle Some Cash (Ima Hustler Too X Jangle Some Cash)

Beautiful, well bred mare. Broke to ride. Ridden by novice riders. Her Sire has his R.O.M. in Western Pleasure.

Sold to North Dakota - Thanks Sherry

2014, APHA Palomino Overo filly

Sire: TEK Speck Of Shiloh-R.O.M. Western Pleasure (Shiloh Cash Bar x Hesa Silvers Speck)

Dam: TEK Hustle Some Cash (Ima Hustler Too x Jangle Some Cash)

Beautiful, square made, well bred Overo filly. Full sister to above mare. TEK Speck of Shiloh has 18 APHA Western Pleasure Points and his R.O.M. in Western Pleasure. His sire is an APHA Champion and his mother has 20 APHA Western Pleasure Points and her R.O.M. in Western Pleasure. This fillys Dam is Ima Hustler Too, Red Sonny Dee and Sonny Dee Bar, all point earners. Great filly with a bright future.

$5000 - Trade for firearms

Genuine Pardon Socks "Cowboy"

2006, 15h, AQHA Sorrel Gelding

Sire: Genuine Pardon (Zan Parr Bar x Genuine Doc)

Dam: Princess Excaliber (Cal Bar x Joe Bar Kipp)

Cowboy is a very broke, go anywhere trail horse. Has roped a few cattle. No nonsense. Goes right to work. Family safe trail gelding. Video avaliable.


RP Smart and Steady "Commanche"

2009, 14.3, AQHA Black gelding

Sire: Smart Lil Commanche (Smart Little Lena x Freckles Playboy)

Dam: Traditionl Doc (Smart Little Lena x Colonel Ric)

Commanche is used on the ranch gathering and sorting cattle. He has roped the Heel-O-Matic a ton of times. Heeled eight live steers. Pasture roped about ten steers. Trail rides quiet, goes anywhere. A little watchy on the ground, but all business on his back. Sire pictured below.

$8000 - Trade for firearms

Cats San Bar "Doc"

2009, 15.2, AQHA Black gelding

Sire: Docs Lucky Sport (Docs Smooth Operator x Mr Trouble Stitch)

Dam: Sunnys Little Pep (Peppy San Badger x Jim Bar Araujo)

Doc is a nice, solid reliable trail horse. Very soft in the mouth. Flexes good at the poll. Handy one hand neck rein. Good black geldings like Doc are hard to find.

$7000 - Trade for firearms

Handcrafted Sugarbar "Dino"

2006, 15.2 AQHA Red Roan gelding

Sire: Handcrafted Can (Brother Can by The Continental)

Dam: Gheers Sugar Bar (Sonny Dean Bar x Junniper Doc Bar)

Dino is a nice all around gelding. Doesn't get excited about much. He has been patterned on the barrels some. Great trail horse with that good roan color.

$4500 - Trade for firearms

Starberts Classy TJ "TJ"

2009, 14.3, AQHA Bay gelding

Sire: Classy Pines (Poco Pine x Poco Blunder)

Dam: Stabert Star Sussie (Bango Star x Bay Bar Clegg)

TJ is a real handy broke gelding that near anybody can ride. He has been on the Big Piney ride. Camped overnight. Great trail horse.

$4500 - Trade for firearms

Pep Bee Par Bar Girl

2007, 15.1, AQHA Gray mare

Sire: Peppy Red Bee (Tee J Johnny Finger x Sporty San Prince)

Dam: IC A Zan Par Girl (Zans Rawhide x Tee J Johnny Finger)

Tee J is a big powerful mare. Broke to ride but has set for a while. Selling her as a broodmare at a broodmare price.

$2500 - Trade for firearms

Wildshots Bar B "Hondo"

20002, 15.1 APHA Sorrel Overo gelding

Sire: Arrows Wild Shot (Poco Sky x Bandit B McQue)

Dam: Scat Bar Babe (Jack In Black by Jacks Brand)

Hondo is a great, reliable trail horse. Went on the week long trailride/campout in Emminence, MO in July 2014. Been roped off. Very quiet. Rides on a relaxed, loose rein.

$3500 - Trade for firearms

Kind Zippo Doc "Hemi"

2003, 14.3, AQHA Palomino gelding

Sire: Princ Goldn Zippodoc (Sire Power by Zippo Pat Bars)

Dam: Im Really Trying (Chili Conclusion x Azure Te)

Hemi went on the week long trailride/campout in Emminence, MO in 2013 and 2014. Great trail horse. Used as a lesson horse. Safe for most anyone.

$3500 - Trade for firearms

Watch King Seco "King"

2003, 16h, 1400 lbs AQHA Gray gelding

Sire: Kateys Tee Jay (Lucky Roan Starway x Tee J Johnny Finger)

Dam: Secos Precious (Super One Ton by Shi Bar Skip)

King is a big, stout, finished Ranch horse. Used in all events in numerous Ranch Rodeos. The team he was on finished 3rd just last weekend. Some heading out of the box. Stays quiet in the box. Raised here locally from a long line of proven stock.


Quality, Handmade Branding Irons

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