This page was inspired by our extraordinary daughter and cancer survivor, Taylor.



Porter Quarter Horses was introudced to Swiftsure Ranch through our daughter-in-law. Brittney is a certified instructor at Swiftsure Ranch. Swiftsure Ranch connects individuals with physical and cognitive disabilities to their special herd of horses as well as other individuals in the community who may need additional emotional and social support. The program currently serves 120 riders per week, year-round, with the youngest rider at 2 years of age and the oldest at 92! In addition to their weekly riders, Swiftsure Ranch reaches another 150-200 individuals through their collaboration with other non-profits such as Idaho School for the Deaf and Blind, Camp Rainbow Gold (cancer camp for children) and veteran's organizations. There is NO charge for any of their services to the rider! It is made possible by the amazing support of their donors and community!



Located just south of Bellevue, Idaho, the Swiftsure Ranch consists of 191 acres. It is joined on the west to BLM lands, boasting breathtaking mountain and water views. Among the many features of this beautiful ranch is the control of one mile of the Big Wood River as well as crops of grass hay and irrigated pastures which will allow Swiftsure to produce their own feed. The property is surrounded by aspen and cottonwood trees, ponds and wetlands providing seclusion in a scenic rural environment. Participants in the program enjoy the amazing views from the saddle of a horse.



I was fortunate enough to attend the 2016 Cowboy Ball at Swiftsure Ranch this summer. I saw first hand the truly amazing things that the hardworking and big-hearted people do at Swiftsure Ranch.



My son Mike volunteers every year as kitchen help and/or whatever he can do for the annual Cowboy Ball. I was also fortunate enough to be kitchen help at the 2016 Cowboy Ball.


Swiftsure Ranch is a not-for-profit organization. All donations are tax free. If you would like to help a truly worthy cause, enrich the lives of many and know your dollars are going directly to the source, please go to www.swiftsureranch.org


Thank you, Charlie Porter



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